Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Dungeons (of Interzone).

[Edited to ATTACK TYPOS on: 12/23/2012]
I just wanted to say best wishes and happy holidays to anyone who reads this blog and/or is a fan/creator/past associate/groupie of any version of the Eamon gaming system.

Extra special thanks to everyone who helped me play test, improve and promote the Eamon Deluxe 5.0 revision. That "little" project, which I initially predicted would take two or three months, ended up taking approximately one year of nearly-full time work to finish up into a public-download-friendly release and I hope people are now having fun with it.

Extra, extra special thanks to Matthew Clark and Bill Martens for the web hosting and server access which has been an incredible help and resource to me, and also to Thomas Ferguson for all his fantastic editorial contributions, successful "lost adventure" archeological expeditions, and plethora of other contributions he has made to the Eamon community.

I'm quite exhausted from the Eamon Deluxe 5.0 project so I'm officially taking the rest of the year off to enjoy some mental R and R. I'm still checking my email and will happily reply to any messages, bug reports, etc., it just may take me a little longer than usual.

So, once again, happy holidays to all the Eamon aficionados out there; best wishes, I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll see y'all next year.



James Johnson said...

Happy holidays! Thanks for putting together Eamon Deluxe. I'm a long time fan, since back in the Apple II days, and I'm really glad to be playing it on my PC. Great job! It's nice to see all of the old adventures in one place.

Frank - Eamon Deluxe said...

Thank you. There are a lot more classic Apple II adventures that have been converted to earlier versions of Eamon Deluxe but are not yet available in the Open Beta downloads because they need the 5.0 upgrades added in and tested. They should be ready to play by February of 2013. Happy holidays!