Thursday, November 28, 2013

SwordThrust Walkthrough

Chester Bolingbroke, author of the excellent blog The CRPG Addict found at, has written a couple of posts on Donald Brown's SwordThrust, the commercial successor to Eamon. The first post details the game and Bolingbroke's thoughts on it, while the second post is more detailed, and even contains some insight by the only non-Don-Brown author of SwordThrust, Peter Wityk
Bolingbroke has also written an in-depth FAQ/Walkthrough of SwordThrust. The document is very thorough, documenting the history and gameplay of the system, as well as walkthroughs and maps for all seven adventures written for it.
The document has been posted here or may be found at:.

Also, I remind the reader that in general, is worth the time of any Eamon enthusiast.
More news to come. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.