Thursday, August 09, 2012

July newsletter in August/Professional Unicorns/Benway Deluxe

The items mentioned in the title of this post all correspond to various projects from my overflowing work area this morning.

[Edit 8/13/2012: Apparently I forgot to add the links to the newsletter when I posted this. They are now included below as I had intended.]

The July 2012 issue of the Eamon Newsletter was finished around the end of July and silently posted (vision impaired users can go here for a plain text version) on the newsletter section of the Guild website a few days ago.

Since it's almost the middle of August, I figured I should finally get around to making an announcement on here. It contains eight pages of Eamon adventure reviews, including a few that were posted on the blog recently as well as new, previously unpublished reviews of the upgraded Eamon Deluxe "Beginner's Adventures" and each of the adventures contained within that set.

Headlining this issue, however, is another historical Eamon article by Thomas Ferguson regarding the rarely mentioned, "Eamon Pro" system for the Apple II. Thomas is certainly a master of his craft and I highly recommend his latest article to any Eamon fan.

Don't remember Eamon Pro? It's likely that very few people do (I was not even aware it existed until very recently).

Want to explore Eamon Pro for yourself? Be warned, disk images are not as easy to come by as the rest of the Apple II Eamon systems and are not currently available anywhere on the Guild site; nor will the disk images which can be found (through shrewd internet navigation) turn out to be an easy task to even get booted up and fully running. (I currently have a half completed set of standardized disk images that I have been modifying on the fly to run on any Apple II emulator. When the necessary modifications are finished these standardized images will be announced here and made available on the Guild website.)

Speaking of announcements, I was recently astounded as I realized it has been 18 years since the release of Adventure in Interzone. This summer (more or less) will mark the 15 year anniversary of the release of Eamon Deluxe 1.0 and the enhanced version of Adventure in Interzone that came with it.

While focusing on developing the Eamon Deluxe system and converting over 1/3 of the Classic Eamon library so far, I have long neglected my own entries into that library since the first Eamon Deluxe release. Recent play through left me very unsatisfied so I have decided to re-release all four of them in a new Deluxe package using the 5.0 system and further enhancing the entire set. This includes fixing up some areas of game play and also the addition of new routines and material.

Hopefully The Frank Black Adventures Deluxe will be finished within the next few months; I just started work on it today, however, so I'm not prepared to figure out a plausible release date at this point. Maybe September if I'm lucky? Maybe sooner. At this point it's as random as A.J.'s comments, or the Planet Eamon itself for that matter...


Anonymous said...

Is there a link to that newsletter somewhere? Between the Eamon Deluxe website, the Eamonag website and the Eamon blogspot website, I can never find ANYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Should be:

Scroll down and you'll be able to select either the .rtf or .pdf version.

Frank - Eamon Deluxe said...

Thanks to Anonymous for posting the link. I just edited the blog to include the links as I had intended. Apologies for that oversight, I was a bit tired when I posted the blog entry.

@Odkin: Attempts are being made to make the Eamon Guild site a bit more easy to navigate and up to date. Matthew Clark and I have both been very busy in our personal lives, so the the changes to the site are being made as time permits. Suggestions are always welcome and can be sent to either Matthew or me.