Friday, March 13, 2009

New Eamon additions!

Thanks to Wade Phillips and Paul Sanders, we now have four new Eamon adventures on the site.

Paul Sanders found "The Crypt Crasher" which was originally written for the Atari. I had heard of other Atari Eamon adventures, but this is the first one that I've come across. As such, I haven't assigned it a number or anything. It's just "out there". You can see the new Atari Eamon website at

Wade Clarke found three Eamons that he had written in the early 1990s.
#252. Cliffs of Fire W. Clarke Dos 3.3
#253. The Prism of Shadows W. Clarke Dos 3.3
#254. Dawn of the Warlock W. Clarke Dos 3.3

I haven't had the chance to review any of the above as of yet. Any review contributions are most welcome!


kgagne said...

It's great to see new Eamons popping up even in this day and age. Thanks for the updates, Tom!

Matthew said...

Thanks for your note! However, this was Matthew, not Tom!

kgagne said...

Eep! Sorry, Tom^H^H^HMatt!

Greg said...

While not exactly a new Eamon, I noticed that the .dsk file for Gartin Manor (Eamon no. 144) was an out-of-date test version. I have a .dsk file of the finished product if you'd like to update the list. The one you are currently sharing works and is totally playable (and there is a way back to the Main Hall, contrary to the description provided), but some of the room connections are incorrect, and the descriptions are not always accurate.