Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not much

Not much is going on in the Eamon world, although I did get some interest from two different people on how to run Eamon on emulator software. One was even interested in writing a new adventure, so hopefully, we have something to look forward to!


Mookie said...

I'm excited about Eamon. Thanks for keeping such a great site!

peterb said...

I know Don Brown doesn't seem to be interested with Eamon anymore. Has he ever spoken publically about why? Did he just decide it was time to move on?

Matthew said...

Don Brown moved on to the SwordThrust system, a successor to Eamon which was not in the public domain. When he did that, he disappeared from the Eamon world. As you'll see on the bottom of the Eamon Overview

"Don Brown, the "Father of Eamon" can be found on-line, but is not interested in any sort of Eamon-related correspondence. He hasn't answered anybody's mail (electric or regular) in over fifteen years! Please don't try to contact him as he wishes to be left alone and won't answer you anyway."