Tuesday, August 28, 2012

History of 'Imagery', the Commodore 64 Eamon cousin. Part 1

The following was excerpted out of a recent email from Thomas Ferguson to me. For those of you who just Googled "Eamon" for the first time in decades due to a sudden case of 8 bit nostalgia (or are confused and disappointed because you came here looking for the one-hit rapper):

Thomas is an active historian/archaeologist/preservationist for Donald Brown's "Vanilla" Eamon and all other things which mutated from that text adventure/RPG combo masterpiece of yore. He also happens to be one of the best author's ever to pen an Eamon adventure (A Runcible Cargo) and is also the current editor/publisher of the revived Eamon (Deluxe) Newsletter.


I don't have the magical powers that you and Matt Clark have, but I'd recommend this as a blog post if its convenient:


Kent Sullivan is posting a retrospective on the company that released Imagery! He's a super nice guy, it seems, and many readers of the Eamon blog would benefit from hearing about our distant cousins, I think.

I also anticipate finishing "Crypt Crashers" [Eamon Deluxe 5.0 conversion of a formerly "lost" Atari ST Eamon original] in the next few days. I've got most of the problems ironed out.

I hope that you're well.



I reckon that Thomas is correct about the Dr. Evil Laboratories articles being both interesting and relevant to readers of the Guild blog and plan to post links to the rest of the series as it develops.

So, unless you are still reading this in hope of it being a heavily disguised blog for the rapper, follow the link within the message to check out Kent Sullivan's fun blog and very cool "corporate logo".

Other Imagery! Related links (sort of):

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