Friday, March 23, 2012

New Eamon Newsletter

I'm writing this blog to announce that an entirely original, 10-page Eamon newsletter was just added to the Guild website. While it is named "The Eamon Deluxe Newsletter", this publication is actually intended to be a place for content that relates to any platform or aspect of the Eamon community and is published in the spirit and fond memory of Tom Zuchowski's former EAG newsletters.

The formatted PDF version can be viewed here.

A standard text version can also be viewed from the Eamon Guild Newsletters page for those using screen reading software or similar devices.

The Eamon Deluxe Newsletter, Volume Two is a new incarnation of a project that failed to launch several years ago and is primarily a result of the superb work of Thomas Ferguson, who has volunteered to create more issues in the upcoming months. Thomas has also written a few adventure reviews which can be found inside this issue, as well as the opening article, "A Note on 'Lost Eamons'".

I found Thomas' article to be a very fun, interesting and informative read which sheds much needed light on some lesser known Eamon adventures and attempted ports to other systems that many Eamon fans may yet be unaware of.

The debut issue also features a taste of the contributions we have been receiving from Luke Hewitt, who eats Eamon adventures for breakfast, leaving nothing behind him except empty treasure chests and entertaining, in depth reviews. And, if you look closely, you'll even find a new review (or perhaps "roast" is a more appropriate title), written by myself and spotlighting upon one of the Lost Eamons mentioned in the feature article.

I believe it's been a very long time since two people collaborated on an Eamon project, let alone three, so several rounds of Double Dragon Blombs are in order tonight, as we toast to the runcible Mr. Ferguson for all of his efforts on a job that was, most certainly, well done.


Raquel said...
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Odkin said...

I'm just rediscovering Eamon after having played a few originals in the 80's. I tried the new standalone of "Realm of Fantasy" and really enjoyed playing it. But there's something I don't understand that seems to be common with all Eamon adventures. How do you know you "won"? With RoF, it doesn't seem possible to get "Oscar" to come home, so you just "ride into the sunset. Is that it? How do you know there isn't something you failed to do that might have gotten him to come? No message says "Congrats" or "You failed". You just sell your haul, and that's it, leaving you not knowing if you really completed the adventure or not?

I've seen this with all the 6 or 7 eamon adventures I've played so far. Am I missing something?

Frank - Eamon Deluxe said...

When you first meet Oscar, aka the Wizard, he explains that he does not wish to come home. You can repeat this if you EXAMINE him.

Aside from riding off into the sunset, it is up to the author of each adventure to customize the ending and add text, special rewards, etc..