Sunday, June 20, 2004

Humorous email

Ok, I get a lot of junk email at the email address. It's usually not a problem as the address uses a challenge system to get in contact with me. That is, the sever will automatically send an email back to a sender if the sender isn't in my address book. That person can then send me an email letting me know who they are. Once I add them to the address book, it's not a problem anymore. I know this is somewhat annoying for people trying to contact me, but it really only needs to be done once and it really cuts down on the amount of junk I get.

Anyway, there are other Eamons out there. Eamon De Valera was the president of Ireland for awhile. No problems there. However, there is a singer named Eamon out there, with the song "F**k It [I Don't Want You Back]". Apparently, singer Eamon's fans are somewhat illiterate. I've cleared out several guestbook entrees where the writer was obviously not a fan of the Eamon computer game. Today, I received the following email, with the warning that it uses some obscenity...

From: will []
Sent: Sunday, June 20, 2004 12:48 AM
Subject: Eamon Web Page comment/suggestion/question

Hey bro wots up. Diz is Will Martynewicz from Perth, Australia. Iam 17 in july. Iam a really big fan of yours. Man i love your music. I brout ur Cd I dont wont you back. Man i most of lessinon 2 those song about 1000 times each since i brout it. My best song is I Love Thoses Hoes. Your songs have really help me. About 1 mounth ago i broke up wid my girl. she cheated on me with some fogget. I ended up wid a broken hart. she keep asking 4 me back. And your song Fuck it(I Dont Wont u Back) Really came into play. those love songs on there really toch me couse i felt da some way about her. My dream is 2 be a R&B singer like you or a hip hop raper. Man i wish i could be singing beside u. You really got some grat music man and i really have a lot of respect 4 u. It fells like i have know u 4 ages by lessioning 2 ya music its really good man. and i hope u keep bring shit like dat out. man i hope 2 met u one day. 2 sing like u or be wid u singing would mean da world 2 me. i realy hpe u write back 2 one of your biggest fan bro. just dat would mean da world 2 me. Well ive got 2 go my X girl keeps ringing me she just dosent get da point of its over. man i hope u write back. you take care bro and keep sing da good shit.. my best wishes are dat u stay up at da top were u belong. Peace

Does anybody have any witty suggestions for a response?

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