Monday, January 09, 2012

Eamon Deluxe v5.0 Progress Update.

I am very pleased to announce that late last night I managed to produce what I believe to be the first ever one-click fully installed and playable set of Eamon adventures in history. My installer worked perfectly on both the Win XP and Windows 7 64-bit computers I used to test them, complete with desktop icon, start menu shortcuts and an uninstall option. (Hmm... What form of lunatic would want to UNINSTALL Eamon adventures from their computer? I am providing that option merely for the sake of completeness.)

Production has been coming along much better than I ever would have predicted with merely finding the free time to get it done being my biggest obstacle so far. The Eamon Deluxe system was in much worse shape than I had thought and the perfectionist in me has taken over adding more to the workload. Nearly every program is getting some sort of revision and I also have several new submissions that have to be fine tuned and added as well. One of those submissions is a brand new Eamon Deluxe adventure by a first time author who has created what I can only describe as a masterpiece.

I am still taking requests for play testers, send a message to eamondeluxe ( at ) and please include a brief description of your computer and Operating System as I need to know which installer package to send.

To those that have already volunteered to help with testing, thank you very much and as you can tell by this blog, you should be getting your Beta copies very soon.


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